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At 22 years old, I’ve been an avid baker for as long as I could hold a wooden spoon. One of my earliest memories centres around helping my grandma make cupcakes when I can’t have been more than 4 years old. Growing up in a family of foodies, I’m lucky enough to have been surrounded by good food and a joy for cooking my whole life, so it was inevitable that this passion would rub off on me - and it clearly has!


While my earliest memories of baking are with my grandma, it’s my parents who really inspired a love of baking in me. Among her many talents, my mum has been baking cakes her whole life, and I’ve always admired the skill, flavour and love she puts into every single one. My dad is also brilliant in the kitchen, having become a keen bread-maker and home-brewer in recent years; his constant experimentation with whacky flavours and recipes certainly keeps us on our toes, and his banana wine remains a firm personal favourite! Having won numerous awards for his home-brewed wines and spirits, this sense of playfulness and imagination is something I always carry with me into Cakes by Pheebs, alongside the passion for high-quality, delicious bakes that I’ve inherited from my mum.

With my curiosity for food only growing as time went on, I decided to study Consumer Management and Food Innovation at Ulster University in Coleraine, where I graduated with a First Class Honours degree. This course covered a huge range of aspects of the food industry - including marketing, product development, consumer studies, etc. - all of which were important areas of focus for a prospective business-owner like myself. 

But for now - welcome to Cakes by Pheebs! Thanks for stopping by, and if you like what you see, please do give us a follow on social media and share with your friends. Or, better yet, why not share one of our cakes with someone special to you! Because we believe in spreading a little love - one cake at a time. 

Phoebe x
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